Like many baby boomers, midlife career changes weren't part of the plan. In fact, maybe "midlife" was a bit of a surprise too! And why wouldn't it be part of the plan?

Career changes are part of life in the 21st century at any age, 3 to 8 changes in a lifetime for most people. So why should midlife career changes be different from any other time?

Because YOU are different when you are turning 50 or getting close to it. Of course, you are different from who you were in your twenties. But more interestingly, you are different that your grandmother was when SHE turned 50!

You are healthier, probably better educated, more

Career change in midlife really is different from when you were in your twenties and thirties. Mostly because we have a different frame of reference when we are in the second half of our life. We want what we do to have more to do with creating a meaningful living than with "making a living"

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