What Makes Mastermind Meetings Effective?

The Effectiveness of Mastermind Meetings is the
 Members of the Group

Okay, you’ve got a group 5-6, even 12 people you know who are committed to meeting weekly or every other week for an hour or two that you’d like to include in your group ... and you have an experienced facilitator .... or you've decided to join a Positive Changes Mastermind Learning Group.

Regardless, the two overarching ingredients to effective, productive, inspiring mastermind meetings are both in the members.

Members carefully agree on 1) their intentions and 2) their committments. Together, these elements lead a highly worthwhile investment of time.

Below are laid out the best of intentions and the most powerful of committments that a member of a mastermind group can set.

Members Set the Best of Intentions for the
Mastermind Meetings

In the mastermind meetings it is our best intention to continually be ...

  • Holding the group space sacred and confidential
  • Encouraging growth and success in each person
  • Striving for clarity
  • Spirit-Storming (as my colleague Katherine Bonner-Rich calls it...some say "Brainstorming")
  • Helping each other with goals and dreams
  • Sharing success stories AND mistake and failure stories (“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm” - Churchill.)
  • Creating “Outside The Box Thinking” ~ offering new and innovative perspectives
  • Holding one another accountable to do and be the best we can ~ pehaps better than we THINK we can do and be!
  • Creating a space where things can be tested ~ sharing creative ideas
  • Sharing known resources like books, websites, videos, vendors, articles, and even connections with other people …
  • Creating an environment of safety and trust

Mastermind Members Make These
Powerful Committments

In order to create the most effective and productive of mastermind meetings, we committ ourselves to.....

Be faithful to attend all the meetings: Mastermind group formats rely on our choice to be committed to attending the each of the group meetings. There are things such as vacations and sudden emergencies like illness that are unforeseen. If something like that should happen, be sure to get in touch with the mastermind group leader or somebody who can relay the message if I am unable to attend.

Agree that we will not, outside the group, share any information, materials or concepts discussed at the Mastermind Group sessions, during the time our participating or at anytime after without the express written permission of the person or persons involved. Others may have copyrighted information and it is important to adhere to copyright laws.

Value the hard work and dreams and value that each mastermind member puts into all that they do and therefore do not disclose anything .... any information, trade secrets, future plans or anything thing that could possibly be harmful to their success.

Come prepared. Do the readings, homeworks, and apply the concepts to our life; only then can we fully participate and benefit from the mastermind meetings. Acknowledge that we don't know everything ..... and enjoy the new found freedom of asking for HELP?

Remember to give as we would like to receive.
Lift members up, never put them down. Treat ALL how we would like to be treated. Root for the group members so we can to see powerful things happen in the MasterMind Group.

Dedicate ourself to being real... to being just who we are so that we can make this mastermind group a place of authenticity.

Share from our heart. Identify and surrender old mindsets and commit to new ways of thinking in the renewal of mind.

State our goals with clarity. This may take some practice! We will learn to state our goals with clarity. Avoid a lot of “back story” which takes up time and space in the group. And try to state our goal with a deadline so that the dream can become a reality!

Committ to listening to others just as we would like to be listened to. Do not interrupt

Be open to authentic feedback, constructive evaluation and alternative ways to do things, KNOWING it is NOT for harm.  Deliver constructive evaluation and feedback with love, from our heart.

Remember the power of “AND!”  Avoid “Big Buts” – Begin to live a “POSSIBILITY LIFE” Belief System.  No buts about it!

Don’t try to make someone be wrong.  Politics and other controversial topics that could create division don't belong in the group. This is a sacred space for all ... respect that at all times. Judgment is not our job! Thank God that it is His!

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