Multi Passionista!

What is your first response when you hear the word?

“Multi-Passionista” usually brings out one of two reactions from people the first time they hear it ...

.... they either crack up and laugh out an explosive "aHA!" of recognition, their face lights up with a huge energetic smile and they say, "That’s ME!”

Or ... a confused look forms on their face, their head tips to one side, their eyebrows scrunch together and they say "huh? What's a multi-passionista?”

How about YOU? Are you a Multi Passionista? Share your answer HERE.

Your reaction seems to depend on whether or not you are (or know someone who is). Does the word resonate with you? If it does, if you were one of those who burst out laughing in recognition, then you probably are someone who feels like you have too many passions to pick just one!

Maybe it seems like most people just don’t get you! And they give you labels like “flighty,” “jack of all trades and master of none,” and “unfocused.” And that hurts sometimes doesn’t it?

Lots of people say they don’t like labels, but I must say it made me feel so good when I learned that there were other people out there like me! LOTS of them! You probably already know if you are one or not, but you can take the Multi-Passionista Quiz to find out for sure if this article doesn't clear it up for you

So I started calling myself a Multi-Passionista

and I LIKE the label!

You'll probably like having a label too! Because it really helps to know you are not alone!.... you are NORMAL! unusual? true enough, but normal! and there is even a NAME for your kind of person! See, the thing is, a Multi-Passionista is a smart, happy, energetic, creative person!

We have the gifts of ideaporia and the strengths of love of learning, creativity, and curiosity. And we simply go nuts when we are instructed to "pick just one" or "finish everything you start!"

We love the never-ending potential we experience in the world, and when we are left to our own devices, we’ll never be bored!

I'm certainly not the first to create a lable for a person with multi-passionista characteristics, because there are a lot of us out there. People who feel pride in labels like multi-potentialite, polymath, scanner, generalist, and Renaissance soul (I just happen to LIKE Multi Passionista! Maybe because I made it up?)

People who can relate to having so many passions and ideas and so much potential.We just don't fit the mold of the modern Western way of doing things, you know .... the ones who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up; the straight liners; the ones who always finish A before starting B and wouldn't even THINk about Q! The people who select a career and climb the ladder all the way. You know who I'm talking about! The grown ups!

It is hard sometimes to be a Scanner or a Renassaince Soul! I suspect that the biggest pain most of us feel may just be the low-grade tension of not being "normal" and not meeting our "potential” and being pressured to choose … perceiving that we “never finish what we start” …. and of feeling judged and disrespected and dismissed by the very people who should love and support them.

And we even judge ourselves! Sometimes so harshly that we break our own hearts! (It is time to STOP that, don’t you think?)

If you are a Multi Passionista you feel just awful when you believe you “have to pick just one” Or that you can’t start something new until you finish what you are working on (or playing with) right now…. and that if you can’t or don’t pick something and “just stick with it” until it is finished… then something is wrong with you, that you are a mis-fit, and that you are helpless to change it!

You really are helpless to change it! That is because your brain is genetically wired to pursue multiple passions. To fullfill your multiple potentials and talents and curiosities. And to explore your many many ideas!

So if you keep believing you SHOULD change, you beat yourself up for not fitting in, for not being "all that you can be," for not trying hard enough, and for not conforming. Do you really want to keep doing that?

Maybe worst of all is that you hide all your mutliple talents and potentials, you conform like a good girl, follow the expected, singular "path to success" and become “the expert” in some field. And you lose your natural enthusiasm and zest for life. Because you hide all that, the world thinks you are "normal" ... if a little scattered and unfocused at times. And inside you feel bored, helpless, trapped, and even a little depressed.

You do NOT have a disability! You are not lazy or a procrastinator or a quitter!

It doesn't matter where you start or when you stop. And there are ways to figure out where and when to start and stop!

When you know who you really are (even if you are NOT a multi-passionista), you don't need to change. You need to learn about yourself, then simply notice and make great use of being who you are! Then you will have amazing freedom to develop your tremendous potential.

You MUST explore a lot of things if you are going to be true to yourself as a multi passionista … and you don't WANT fewer ideas and interests … and you certainly don't need to stop having them! It is okay to be differently organized, to have spontaneous, on-the-fly planning and idea generation and to drop a passion when it is no longer interesting!

Embracing who you are as a mulitpassionate person means acknowledging the challenges you will face so you can come up with a plan to overcome these obstacles; but, to truly value your personality you must also recognize your most important traits and strengths.

Are YOU a Multi-Passionista?

Whether or not you are one, we're curious about what your definition of multi-passionista might be. So please, take a moment and share!

IMPORTANT: If you believe you ARE a Multi-Passionista or know one, share below. If neither, please share your definition HERE!

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My Definition of a Multi-Passionista Is... 
... someone who is creative or gifted in a variety of areas and has the passion to pursue and attain a level of accomplishment in many of them. …

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