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I'm a Consultant and Coach to MultiPassionistas

You're here because you obviously want to know a bit about Terri Babers.  I'm a consultant and coach who happens to be Leonardo-style thinker and doer living in a Mozart style world.  I'm a personal growth junkie, bibliophie, an avid reader, a flaming extrovert with introverted tendencies and high ideaphoria, and I'm a MultiPassionista who has finally figured out my own value! 

I get to help other MultiPassionistas, especially multi-passionate, multi-talented consultants, coaches and other entrepreneurs know their own value.

I help you SEE and BE you; see and be who are created to be, so you can DO what you are created to do the WAY you are created to do all those things.  That it is such an cool thing to for me to get to do. 

Sadly, over
nearly 40 years of my professional life, I allowed myself to be pressured into "sticking to just one career path" .... and the another .... and then another with all the shame and guilt that I heaped on myself.  The pressure came from well meaning family and friends, teachers and counselors.  Worse, it came from me! I laid a ton of pressure on myself to "be normal," to pick just one!  

It never felt right to pick just one.  I've done everything from Dental Hygiene to Real Estate, from Mediation to Teaching at University, and none of those came anywhere near satisfying my multiple passions and interests.

But like I said, I figured it out, finally!  What I love doing, and what I'm really good at, is helping
multi-passionate, multi-talented coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs (other Leonardos).

I equip MultiPassionistas to
Excavate Their Expertise. They get to create cohesive programs from all those things they do,
from all those things they are passionate about, and from all those things they know. Believe me, the know a LOT.

Because, like me, they are MultiPassionistas who
have "too many passions to pick just one," and they joyfully dive into their passions with enthusiastic curiosity and they love to learn.  So yes, they know a lot about a lot of things.

Some might call us Renaissance Souls, Scanners, Generalists, Multi-Potentialites, or Polymaths and that's fabulous

Just don't call us
"Jack of All Trades Master of None"
because we're actually a Master of MANY.

All my life I’ve struggled with that advice to “pick just one!” and with disparaging labels like flaky, scattered, unfocused, or unpredictable. Have you had to listen to that? 

Don't let it get to you! If you have many talents and passions (like me!) and want to pursue them, there’s nothing wrong with you. You CAN pursue them!  Don’t shame or guilt yourself into being defined by negative labels like
fickle, flighty, irresponsible, or directionless.

Know that you are not only normal! You may be a veritable genius! 

You May Just Be a Leonardo Living in a Mozart world!

Is that you? Or maybe someone you know? You can take the MultiPassionista Quiz here to find out.

You do not have to squeeze yourself into a Mozart mold. Yeah, Mozart really did know what he wanted to be and do when he was about 3 years old. And he did it his whole life! 

I've learned that just like
Leonardo DaVinci and Benjamin Franklin, multi-passionate coaches and leaders can easily pursue their diverse interests. There is no need to deal with the pain of pinching themselves into a singular niche.

I help them funnel their diverse skills, knowledge bases and passions into profitable, flexible packages and teach them to create and facilitate group coaching

What Qualifies Me to Coach Consultants and Coaches?

Well, to begin with I've been a formally coaching since 2003.  So a LOT of years of experience.

Beyond that, I don't think people care that much about where I did my training and what certifications and degrees I have. But some might be curious.

I hold a Masters degree in Professional Communication from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and care deeply about learning and higher education. So I when I decided to "be a coach" back in 2003, selected the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a 400-hour intensive, and highly respected coach training program with roots in the empirical research foundation from the Science of Wellbeing, Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programing, and the Energetic Coaching Process.

I am a Certified Professional Life and Leadership Coach, a Career and Professional Development Coach, Life Potentials Practitioner and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

I'm honored to be an An Executive Director of the John c Maxwell Team and most recently I'm a Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach. 

Directly related to my work coaching and consulting with MultiPassionistas, I trained under Margaret Lobenstein (author or Renassaince Soul Coaching program) and Barbara Sher (author of Refuse to Choose). These two teachers and mentors changed my life in 2006 when I read their books and began to apply their methods to myself. And eventually use them for my clients. 

If you want all these details and more, you can see them on my LinkedIn Profile (send me a connection request while you are there!)

What people care about is that I can help them get results. I can help them live full out in all their passions. 

I can help them create profitable coaching and consulting programs from their many passions. 

I can help them identify and live in a way that feels right to them.

Want to know about Terri Babers?
This is what feels important and right to me. 

Living my core values every day of my life

  1. discovering and appreciating what works
  2. being intentional about creating positive change
  3. confidently honoring self-expression and creativity
  4. never-ending learning, and sharing what I learn
  5. connecting with people
  6. helping people make their dreams come true
  7. making joy, fun and laughter a part of just about everything I do.

Reveling in diverse ideas, dreams, and goals ~ personal and professional (can you really differentiate the two?)

Experiencing an optimistic, positive, opportunity-focused frame for the world, rather than a pessimistic, negative point, problem-focused view,

Feeling appreciation and gratitude in my journey,

Consciously recognizing and connecting with my "who" in a meaningful way, every day of my journey,

And making the best use of my "who" in order to make a real difference in the world.

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If you want all the details about my many career paths and certification, you can see them on my LinkedIn Profile Send me a connection request while you are there!

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