Multi-Passionista Quiz

The Multi-Passionista Quiz may help you figure out if you are a Multi-passionista (aka "Scanner," "Renassaince Soul," "polymath," "mutli-potentialite," or "Generalist!"), a smart, curious, and very busy person who knows she could do anything if she just knew what it was - and if she had some guidance and support and the confidence to put her incredible multi-talented brain to work in a way that works for HER!

If this sounds like you, find out for sure by completing this multi-passionista quiz. Read each question and make a note when your first gut response is "Yes" to these is to any of the following questions:

  • Do you find yourself being curious about lots of different things?

  • Did you have a hard time choosing a major when you went to college?

  • When you really understand how something works, where it fits, how to do it, do you lose interest in it and move on to something else?

  • Did you hate the expectation that there's only one answer to "What do you want to be, or what are yo going to do when you grow up?"

  • Do you find it more fun to think up neat ideas than to focus in on the details that make it actually happen?

  • Do you describe yourself as a "dabbler?” "scattered" "un-focused," “a jack-of-all-trades?” and does it bug the heck out of you that you aren't really proud of those labels?

  • Are you tired of other people labeling you as "scattered," "all over tphelace," and "unfocused?"

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed from managing you high rate of flow of ideas and divergent thinking in this convergent-thinking culture?

  • Do you find it almost impossible to answer this question in the singular: "What do you picture yourself doing in five years?" Maybe because you fear that if you choose just one vision or plan, you'll be stuck! or you just know there are so many other possibilities you might miss out on?

  • When you've figured out how something works, would you rather share that knowledge with others than become a specialist in any one aspect of it?

  • Did you have little or no trouble picking a major …. but you found yourself un-motivated to stick with that field much after college?

  • Do you have a job that you are really good at but feel there's something more you haven't been able to identify?

  • Is the idea of doing the same thing all your working life appalling to you? After even just a year or two, do you feel the itch to move on to something else? and yet you feel pressure to just stick with something?

  • Do you usually have multiple books from multiple genre going at one time?

  • Do family members often say "Oh, she just hasn't settled down yet. She's always trying something different. She is so smart and talented! I wish she'd just figure out something she's interested in and do it!"
  • Do you have lots of unfinished projects and yet happily move on to starting something new? And don't know how to drop any of them from your plate?

  • Do you distrust your own decision-making ability because you "definitely knew I wanted to be a _____!" but that didn't hold your interest, and then you "definitely knew I wanted to be a ____!" but you got tired of that too, and then. . . . .

While each person is different, if you checked “Yes” for 10 or more of these questions in the multi-passionista quiz or had strong, strong, really strong “Yes” checks by at least five of them, you definitely are wired more like Leonardo DaVinci, Maya Angelo, or Ben Franklin than Mozart.

You can proudly identify as a “Multi-Passionista!” You have many powerful positive character traits and multi-passionista strengths that make you life full, engaging, and downright fun!

Living life as a Multi-passionista is wonderfully exciting and lots of fun.... but it can be overwheliming, full of stress, and frustrating.

Our culture (read that "our family, friends, co-workers, and/or potential employers") values "climbing the ladder," "becoming an expert," and "sticking with it 'till you're done." So Multi-Passionistas often feel inadequate, like something is wrong with them, like they are not respected and can't even respect themselves.

Then again, we have soooo much fun! and we get to experience so many different things!

If this is you, I know how you feel .... and I can really help! You are exactly the kind of person I love to work with and I'd love to hear from you!

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