Are You Dealing with Change?

Dealing with change can be stressful and even painful. When change happens, do you sometimes suffer confusion, irritation, and even fear? Especially when it happens TO yo, without your permission!?

Then again, many of life changes are worth celebrating! Even those happy changes can be stressful. You may as well get good at dealing with change, positive or negative, because change will always happen, it is an absolute certainty in life!

But, knowing that it is part of life doesn’t make dealing with change any easier or any more natural, does it? Some change comes uninvited, it is really out of your control. Some change is just a matter of everyday living, and some of it is change we choose to create.

There Are At Least 6 Types of Change:

  • Sudden, Uninvited Changes: Changes you don't expect - you finally win the lottery, your best friend moves out of town, your child or parent becomes ill, or a natural disaster strikes. These changes just sort of happen TO you. They are really out of your control. But how you deal with it is NOT out of your control.

  • Long Anticipated Changes, both desired and dreaded - your retirement, the death of a parent, or your newly empty nest. Even a positive life change like a well-funded retirement seems to take control of your life and isn't as easy to deal with as you expected. Again, how you choose deal with with the change makes all the difference in the world.

  • Everyday Changes - picking out new carpet or paint color, changing your hairstyle, buying a second car and creeping weight gain every day. These kinds of changes are pretty straightforward but can still be a bit stressful and overwhelming sometimes.

    Habits - Consciously dealing with changes you WANT to make like smoking, over eating, finger nail biting, or putting your keys or purse where you can find them isn't as easy as it ought to be! It can be done; you can create this kind of life change for yourself.

  • Improving your Skills or Aptitudes - consciously changing something you already do but that you really want to get better at doing. Things like improving your golf swing, giving great speeches, walking a half-marathon, or dancing Argentine Tango.

  • Changing your Limiting Beliefs.You can purposefully change your own beliefs about yourself that you think you have absolutely no power over - these kinds of changes are about yourself are called "Limiting Beliefs."

    You'l recognize a limiting belief when you find yourself listening to that inner voice telling you "You're not good enough, you'll never do it!" or "You are just a bad dancer," and "You need to be thin or you'll never find 'The One!'" These beliefs are your insecurities. They are very dis-empowering thoughts. And you can change them!

Do you want more power for dealing with change in positive ways? Wouldn't it be nice to gracefully transition from one situation in your life to the next? To be calm and comfortable with change, whether you expected or planned it, or not? Wouldn't it be a pleasure to actually embrace change, and even come to love it?

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