Diagnose Your Assets
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Positive Diagnosis Assessment System

Diagnose your assets with life coaching online (at no charge) and answer the question, "what is going right (rather than wrong) in my life?"

As a life coach, I believe everyone has everything they need for life to work right; we all have assets for creating a healthy life of satisfaction and well-being. But we tend to spend more time and energy uncovering what is wrong and trying to fix it than looking at what is right and building on that!

The Positive Diagnosis Assessment System uses the word "diagnose" in the belief that the cause of the good things in our lives can be identified just as the cause of illness and problems can be identified. When we clearly identify something, it is much easier to access and make use of it. Positive psychologist Robert Biswas-Diener developed this Positive Psychology Assessment System to take advantage of the work of researchers like Abraham Maslow and Martin Seligman.

He has authorized my use of the system to help you to get a 'big picture,' by looking at five positively functioning areas of your life. You will uncover information that will give you picture of your mental and emotional health and a measure of your true potential.

Once you complete the free series of assessments in the Positive Diagnosis system, you will do some life coaching online to unpack your findings. You may find like others who have completed the positive diagnosis, that ...

    You have greater access to the assets that you already have.
    You have more assets and resources available to you than you realized.
    You'll find ways to describe the positive in your life and the world without using the word "positive" and sounding woo-woo.
    You'll realize how good it feels to see the good! and how nice it is to learn "the other side of the story!"
    You'll suddenly see all shades and varieties of positive experience.
    You'll be more self-aware and mindful of everyday living.

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