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What To Expect In Your First Free Coaching Session

Expect an extraordinary experience!

It is one thing to read about the power of leadership and life coaching. It is quite another to personally experience coaching as it helps you!  This free coaching session is designed to help you discover if coaching is for you. And frankly?  To learn if you are coachable!

Are You Interested?

How the Free Coaching Session works
This Leadership and Life Coaching Consultation lasts between 40-50 minutes ~ there is no charge even if we run overtime, and we often do. While we will discuss what your next steps might be, here is no further obligation. It’s a chance for you to and your coach to connect, for you to tell us about your situation and to ask some questions. Then your coach will tell you how coaching might work for you.  

Quite frankly, we’re only interested in working with clients who really want coaching, so there’s no pressure during the call to sign up.

You will call the coach at the agreed upon time.  You'll want to be sure that you are in a space where you will not be distracted or interrupted, where you'll have privacy.  And you'll want to have paper and something to write with.  Be prepared for extraordinary, life-changing results. It almost always happens!

Please provide the following information to the best of your ability. All of the information you share with us in the form below (and during your sessions) will be kept confidential and shared only with the coach(es) who will be speaking to you. We do not sell, share, or otherwise divulge private information about you to anyone. Ever. We stand firmly by this privacy policy.

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