Can I Learn How to Change My Life?

Positive Changes are Possible

"I want to be happy, to learn how to change my life, to make things go MY way for once!" When was the last time you heard someone say something like that?

How about this one, "My whole life has changed completely! Without my consent! How did this happen to me? I'm so tired of being a victim!!"

And almost everyone has stomped their feet in frustration and said some version of ... "I want more control over my own life; I'm mad! At the very least, I deserve some say-so about changes in my life! I hate my life!"

Well guess what, you can be happy; positive change can be part of your life too! Change is good for you! It is inevitable. In fact, the only real constant in life... is change.

Do you really want some say-so about life's changes? Are you tired of all that victim energy and anger? Do you want positive change? more control over how change affects you? When you learn how to become a leader ... a conscious, energetic leader, you'll be able to make choices for positive change in your life.

What does leadership have to do with learning how to change your life? Leadership is is how you interact with everyone, including yourself. It is the innate tendency that humans have to influence and change not only the world around us and the people in it, but also to consciously or unconsciously influence ourselves.

This is where awareness of your Energy Leadership Index comes in; you can consciously lead yourself through that catabolic energy of fear and anger you have when you are feeling like a victim to constant changes in your life. There is a way to raise your energy levels and be more able to respond to change and in fact, to influence change for the better.

When you become aware of your energy levels, you'll find yourself influencing and leading yourself and then others more effectively. Which will positively impact change all around you. Wow! It is a wonderful cycle (instead of a vicious cycle!)

Energy LeadershipTM is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively changes and influences not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole.

An ideal leader knows humans need changes in life and that change a good thing, because change will always happen. As an ideal leader, you allow change and you want to figure out the key to your quest for positive change, for "how to change my life."

Don't think of yourself as a leader? Then you are limited in your thinking! Leading is the way you help move people, including yourself, into action.... that means change. Leading is how you change your life and the lives of others. Leading is how you choose to respond to change. The question is not whether or not you are a leader, but how well you lead.

Thankfully, we all have times when we consciously make change happen. But you and I both know that changes sometimes simply happen ... changes in what you need and want in life, changes in your expectations, your relationships, career changes, changes your physical appearance and health, your personal finances, your interests and passions, your business and time demands, and more. How do you manage all that change?

There is no magic formula that allows you to effectively manage change, and even less information about how to survive, and better yet, to thrive, in the face of change.

No magic formula, but you CAN learn and create a personal system to help you thrive on change. To manage life in your ever-changing world, you will need to become the ideal, energetic leader I talked about above. To assist you, Dr. Bruce D. Schneider, founder of iPEC (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) has created the Energy Leadership™ System.

What is Energy Leadership?

The official definition of Energy Leadership is in the green box above and there is more discussion about it on other pages of this site. If you seriously say to yourself, "I want to know how to change my life," start by looking closely at Energy Leadership. To do that, you'll need a working definition of key terms from the definition in the green box; "Leadership," "Organization," and "Energy."

Leadership Defined

Leaders are visible in small and large businesses. We think of them as business owners and CEO's and managers. Traditionally, politicians and people in local to global affairs are considered leaders.

However, parents and children, therapists and health care providers, solo-preneurs, sports coaches, consultants, community volunteers, partners in relationships, teachers, authors, and anyone who interacts with people on a regular basis are all leaders.

In fact, I lead myself as you lead yourself. If I really want to learn how to change my life, I will become more conscious of the choices I make and lead myself through positive change.

Organization Defined

Organizations are not limited to businesses. Organizations are the colleagues you work with and the family you go home to. All of the groups, teams, and people around you are organizations. Your organizations include all the people who are part your many circles of influence. Each of us is a part of many organizations.

Energy Defined

Energy, the way Dr. Schneider uses it in the Energy Leadership System, is the potential that we, as humans have to make things happen, to consciously or unconsciously perceive our world and respond to it. Our energy isn’t only in our behavior though; it is also composed of, and intrinsic to, our thoughts and feelings and emotions. When I am more aware of my own energy levels I have more say-so about how I respond to change. I learn how to change my life when I become more concious of my own energy levels.

Energy Leadership: more information

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