Why Do Leadership Training Programs Fail?

Investments in leadership training programs fail to make a diffierence a lot of the time, right?  It is true for a many (if not most) organizations ....seriously true! Trainers come and go, you and your staff put in the tremendous time and energy, and organizations put out the money. Sometimes there IS positive changes ...  but is seems so short lived! Where is the sustainable return on your investment?

Why do the leadership training programs fail to make an impact? After all, the people who take these programs are leaders who are smart, knowledgeable, and capable. These are leaders who've read a bunch of books on leadership and personal success. They've taken leadership skills assessments.  And they've gone to multiple leadership training programs — including executive leadership programs at top business schools. They know as much as anyone can possibly "know" about leadership.

So why weren’t they leading the way they and their employers and peers know they are capable of leading? Why do the programs keep failing?

The answer is really very simple: There is a huge difference between what we know about leadership and what we do as leaders.  And the leadership training programs often fail to address the need for, and a practical way for the leaders to make changes in their behavior

I have never met a person who failed as a leader because he or she didn’t know enough about leadership. In fact, can you ever remember hearing about a leader who didn’t know enough about leadership?

What makes good leadership so rare
is NOT what people don't know...
so all the great informational training in the world is not going to make positive change last!

It is what people don't DO that makes the difference! .... it’s the practical matters of changing what people do, how they think and feel and behave, so it will jive with what they know that makes the difference!

It’s not about knowing what to say or do. It’s about doing it! it is about whether you are willing to spend the time and experience the discomfort, risk, and uncertainty of actually changing your behavior and doing what you know!

The goal of most leadership training programs or personal success development programs seems to be to impart knowledge.... when it might be best to seek to change in behavior, thinking, and feeling. After a successful leadership training program, participants should show up differently, saying and doing things in new ways that producle better results because they reflect positive change. 

Show up differently!  Produce Better Results!
Make sure no more leadership training programs fail!

That is exactly what you get when you work with Positive Changes Leadership Training Programs. As a John Maxwell Leadership Master Coach and Trainer and an Energy Leadership Master Pratitioner I'll lead your and/or your team to producing better results because you are going to show up differently in all areas of your life.... not just your career and workplace!

But HOW?

Our programs apply proven methods to help you and your employees show up differently. This is practical, actionable stuff; it produces positive change.  You'll find yourself and others in your organization atually saying and doing things in new ways that produce better results!

Let me repeat.... better results. Let me add..... more sustainable results!  

Using practical, down to earth, behavior changing (read that "life changing) leadership training  programs you can stop the cycle of attending multiple leadership training programs that keep on failing! Instead you can invest yourself in a system of ongoing learning and development that continually takes you from where you are as a leader to where you want to be.

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