What Are Your Life Coach Career Choices?

If you are considering a life coach career, your choices for focusing your skills, talents, abilities, and energy are many. The reality is that any life arena in which a person might seek coaching ~ relationships, career, finances, spiritual, health, etc ~ any and all of those areas are part of life. That's why "Life Coaching" is the sort of generic career title for coaches in most niches, even if they do call themselves, "health and wellness coach," "leadership coach," or "relationship coach." That said, most coaching careers essentially use pretty universal processes for a primary goal: to help people learn about and really know themselves so they can be most effective and satisfied in any and all the areas of their life that matter to them.

Other Life Coach Career choices allow you to specialize and focus on particular "niches" where you will work with people in particular areas of their life.

Relationship Coaching As the title suggests is about relationships. Usually the focus is on couples in a relationship, a dyad instead of a single person. So the people involved might be husband and wife, partners in a business, boyfriend and girlfriend, even parent and child. Usually the two individuals are committed to finding common values and goals and developing their strengths together.

A relationship coach works more often face-to-face but still does some telephone and online coaching. The appointments last an hour to 90 minutes and the coach usually charge between $150 and $250 an hour.

Group Coaching: I suppose it seems like a no-brainer that group coaching involves working with more than 2 people. Much of the time the group is within an organization but it can also be a family, or a group of individuals who may not be able to afford one-on-one coaching. It might also be a group of like-minded people who recognize the value of peer interactions and support for their own growth and development.

The group nearly always has some very similar goals or values and works face-to-face with the coach. Depending upon the arrangements for space, the coach will charge between $300 and $500 a session (at least 90 minutes), which is of course divided among the participants. Working with groups requires a lot more planning and a lot more energy... however, it is amazingly energizing and rewarding.

Corporate Coaching is the Life Coach Career choice that focuses primarily on outer, mostly overt goals. Corporations hire a Corporate Coach to work with managers, executives, and "high potentials" to help them achieve their potential. Sometimes the Corporate Coach will work with a task force or a Board of Directors to help them develop and buy into a plan of action or to create a vision and a plan for the future. While the corporation hires a corporate coach, and sets the basic agenda, the coach and the individual remain in a confidential relationship.

Corporate coaches are probably the highest paid coaches. They are the ones who earn as much as a $1,000 an hour. It is done on the phone (yes, group coaching on the phone!), online, and in person with travel time added in to the hourly rate.

Family and Parenting Coaching. There is no right or wrong way to be a family. Recognizing that family structures vary greatly your job as a coach would be to help family members create and share a common vision, communicate, work together and function as a team, and develop skills and knowledge that may be missing from their experience.

If you choose families and parents as the focus for your life coach career, you will help families deal with family crisis, new babies, addictions, empty nest, parents returning from deployment, teen pregnancy, grandparents as full-time parents, living with a family member with disabilities, and blended family issues just to name a few. Your fees will vary tremendously but will be in line with most of the other kinds of life coach fees.

Career Transition Coaching is an important area for life coach careers to develop because career transitions are a fairly predictable and very common part of life for adults of all age groups in our world. As a Career Transition Coach you take a holistic approach to help your client make transition. You help them take the perspective of how it impacts their vision for the life they want to create, not just the job they are seeking.

As a Career Transition Coach your fee structure will greatly depend upon the kinds of services you will provide, how comprehensive they will be, and how long lasting. Fees will range from $500 to $2000 for programs and services.

Other Kinds of Life Coaching Careers include:

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