Multi-passionista Success Alliance

A Multi-passionista Success Alliance is a small group of like-minded, success-oriented women who mastermind together. You get the path to making the best use your ideaphoria, love of learning, your curiosity, and your ever-changing interests and passions to live the life you were meant to live ,…. To achieving the things you were meant to achieve, to making positive changes in your world….

And helping the other multipassionate women in your Success Alliance do the same!

So, if you answer the following questions in the affirmative then the Multi-Passionista Success Alliance is the mastermind group for you !

  • Are you a chronically curious plate spinner with tremendously eclectic interests (and you are tired and frustrated because people think of you as flighty...unfocused...and all over the place!)
  • Does your soul just recoil at the idea of being trapped as a _________ for the rest of your whole life ?(and do you crave the burning passion of new ideas, new projects, and exploring all the avenues and byway?)
  • Do you think maybe you "procrastinate" a LOT? and that you are just too otherly-organized or perhaps "perfectly messy?" - yet you KNOW you aren't lazy because you get so much done!
  • Do want to do just about everything? (how do you choose what to do right now? and then next?)
  • Would you love to create a life and a career that cheerfully defies the traditional wisdom of following "the single best path so success?"
  • Do you want to make the difference in world you know you are meant to make?

Barbara Sher (who calls us “Scanners”) said in her book “TeamWorks” that there are some powerful principles to living your dreams. We’ll use at least these 3 of these principles in the Multi-Passionista Success Alliance:

  • The passions and dreams in your heart are a clue to who you really are and who you can become.
  • People seem to have better ideas for each than they do for themselves
  • We often have more courage for each other than they do for themselves!

We will activate our courage on behalf of each other... we will work and play together over the next 6 months to help each other create our own unique Multi-Passionista Success so that we can live our dreams and create the life and the career that really lets us use the best of who we are.

Using the 13-step formula to Success discovered by Napolean Hill in his the seminal work on Masterminding this group will help you to

  • Clearly identify your goals (even when they are ever-changing)
  • Master the secret of true and lasting success
  • Obtain whatever you desire in life ... and to learn what you REALLY desire
  • Join the ranks of the super-successful!
  • Live a life of harmony, balance, and understanding
  • Identify your overarching purposes in life
  • Never worry again about losing a great idea!

Multi-Passionista Success Alliance is a 6 month mastermind group that includes:

  • 12 Bi-monthly, 90-minute MP Alliance Sessions with terrific content, inspiration, and HotSeat interventions for each woman in the Mastermind.
  • The Via Survey of Character Strengths for each woman for the for entire Mastermind help us help each other ($150 value)
  • Life Values Assessment
  • Free copy of Barbara Sher’s “WishCraft”
  • 6 months free access to the Positive Changes Online Journaling space for masterminding, for personal reflections, and for ongoing interactions, feedback, and support among the group.

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