Multi Passionista Strengths

Know your multi passionista strengths

and make the most of who you really are

Being a multi-passionista comes with its challenges – and critics – but when you get to know your key multi passionista strengths, and once you learn how to use your passions for your benefit and success, rather than letting them overwhelm you, it won't be long before you begin to realize just how amazing you really are!

Embrace who you really are. Then you will be able to enjoy so many skills and talents that will help not only yourself, but everyone else in your life as well. If this is you….. then welcome to the exciting world of multiple passions.

Constantly changing passions and interests is part and parcel of being a multi passionista. Knowing that this is a result of your multi passionista strengths will lead you to an exciting life of new opportunities and challenges. It will mean embracing your talents, valuing yourself for who you are, and accepting the fact that you do things differently than others – but, that's ok!

It won't matter when you change directions, take multiple paths, or explore new frontiers, because you will enjoy the journey, you'll be productive, achieve your dreams and goals, and have fun along the way. Won’t that be amazing?

  • Curiosity: A lot of thing pique your interest and make you want to learn.
  • Love of Learning: You love to learn, and you are intelligent enough to learn and new thing you are curious about! You know a little about a LOT!
  • Zest: When you are ‘being’ your most multi-passionate self, you approach life with excitement and energy. You live life as if were an adventure! Your passions give you the enthusiasm and determination to learn everything you can about your interests.
  • Versatility: You thrive on change, you seek it out! You enjoy new challenges or opportunities, and embrace diversity.
  • Creativity: You apply your ideaphoria and your imagination to think of new and interesting ways to think about things. This does include artistic achievement but it certainly isn’t limited to the arts! This is where your “problem solving” tendencies come from…. You seem to come up with solutions before anyone else even knows there IS a problem!
  • Committment: Yes, I know this one seems a little unusual since you have probably told been all your adult life that you have “commitment issues”, right? But, you actually are committed – just to something different than what everyone else thinks you should be. You are committed to being passionate about many things. There is actually a need within you to explore your interests and try new things.

Multi-passionistas are those of us who are committed to pursuing our multiple passions, dreams and interests – to using our multi passionista strengths and our powerful traits to become experts on living a passionate and fulfilled life!

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