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The online journal  is called Positive Changes Journal because it is designed to help you move forward into positive change. It is coach-created space for journaling your ongoing journey of self-discovery. 

The health benefits of journaling in this online journal are tremendous, but there are many more benefits, depending on what kind of journaling you are doing.  Roger Heimstra wrote a about a variety of kinds of journaling for adult learners.

He discusses reflection through learning journals, spiritual journals, professional and personal growth journals, memoirs, dream journals, problem solving, stress reductions, creativity and overcoming “writer’s block" among others.

Regardless of the kind of journaling you do, you can get at your "Who" through consistent journaling: It is the single most powerful tool available to create significant positive change in your life! Join the  Positive Changes Journaling community and you'll receive weekly journaling prompts carefully designed to allow you to self-coach, to lead yourself to positive change. 

You can become part of a community of like-minded journalers looking for the opportunity get at their own who too! Your journal is password protected and you choose the level of privacy that works best for each journal entry.

Benefits of an Online Journal

Why online journaling instead of traditional paper and pen? You might wonder what the benefits of online journaling are over writing with a pen and a traditional bound paper journal. Some of us really enjoy the feel of our special pen or pencil as it glides across the paper, reveal our thoughts and feelings in our own hand. One nice thing about online journaling is that our fingers can fly across the keyboard and can keep up with our mind, without tiring as quickly!

Complete security and privacy is another real benefit of about this particular free, online journal program. No one will accidentally (or on purpose) pick up and read the pages of your journal like they can with your bound paper journal.

You can trust that you can be perfectly free in your expression and that means that you can say whatever you need or want to say. You may find yourself surprised at what you discover when you read what you have to say! Your words and thoughts can be honest and bare, and without any pretense, so you can really get to know yourself.

That said, you can share your online journal with any number of people. There are reasons for different privacy and sharing settings. When you decide to share parts of your online journal with a community of journalers, or a group of people who have similar issues, you can find validation, and affirmation in their stories. And when you decide to share with your Life Coach, you create a deeper and wider connection with yourself than you ever imagined.

Writing in a journal, whether online on with a pen and paper, allows you to record and reflect on your observations and reactions to the events in your life. 

Perhaps more importantly, it allows you to be aware of and observe your thinking and your emotional reactions and responses.

The very process of creating journal entries clarifies your thinking and sharpens your awareness of your emotions and feelings.

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