Assessments - LOLLA
for Strategic Intervention and Positive Change

LOLLA is The Lens On Life Leadership and Assets from your Soul System. It is foundational to developing strategic interventions in your life and business so that you can make positive changes happen.

Not only will you see what is right in your life, the assessments will help you hold up a mirror to show you what isn't working! What may be getting in  your way!   This helps you clearly identify WHO you are created to BE so that you'll be able to discover WHAT you are created to DO!

Together we look at how you lead yourself and others through life by focusing a Lens on your Life, Leadership and Assets.

You'll learn a lot about yourself even if you take these assessments individually (and they can be purchased with a debrief), but when you use them together as a system with coaching from a Master Practitioner, you will develop a strong awareness of what is right in your life; your character strengths, your life values, your talents, your many interests and passions, and your skills and resources.

The Lens on Life Leadership and Assets series starts with three important assessments designed clarify what works in your life.   Other important assessments are available depending upon your needs. 

Again, you may purchase them, with a debrief coaching session, individually and you'll really benefit! But you are much better served to make the best use of all parts of the system (so you can make the best you of all of YOU!) in a coaching package.  

The Soul of Your Brand - Branding with Archetypes

There’s a unique part of you that many business owners mistakenly believe they have to hold back. But your brand archetypes are the very soul of who you are! This is your voice and it is part and parcel of who you are in all arenas of your life.

Your Brand Archetype perfectly captures your assets - your spirit, your personality and your passions. Identifying your archetypes transforms YOU into an authentic brand you can instantly use to put more of you in your business

Take Branding with Archetypes Assessment for free to identify the Soul of Your Brand for free and request a personal reading

Sacred Money Archetypes

Your Sacred Money Archetypes® tell your Money Story.  They are symbolic metaphors that help you understand your patterns and behaviors. They are your personality traits around money and opportunity.  They show you who you are so that you can become aware of and change your unconscious behaviors  - especially when it comes to money!  

They are a powerful insight tool, helping you discover where you have the opportunity to grow and create a rich and meaningful life.

Take the Sacred Money Archetype assessment for free and request a Personal Reading

Via Survey of Character Strengths

What surprises some people is that their Character Strengths do NOT indicate their talents or their skills and abilities! Talent refers to how well people DO something.

Character is that part of you that CARES about what you are doing. It is WHO your ARE at your core. Character strengths refers to what satisfies and energizes you ... what enables you to actually thrive when you make use of your talents.

This is an online assessment that includes a full report with information about all 24 or your Character Strengths with special emphasis and guidance on making the most of your top 5 to 7 strengths.

Take the assessment for free here and get a report with a rank order of your strengths and a short description of each Character Strength to get your started.

You can also purchase the long report with a 90-minute debrief for $297

The Energy Leadership Index

The Energy Leadership Index is a unique assessment that enables leaders to hold up that lens and get a good look at their perceptions and  attitudes which arise from their thinking, their emotions, and their behavior.

It is a powerful too that shows you how you are getting in your own way.  I sometimes call that your "Weapons of Self-Destruction" ~ the negative, destructive energy of your limiting beliefes and thinking patterns that prevent you from being and doing what you are created to be and do! 

Like the Via Survey of Character Strengths, this is an online assessment. It includes a full report of your results and a 1-1 debriefing from me, a Certified Energy Leadership Professional and Master Practitioner.

Purchase individually with a 90-minute debrief for $397

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