Definition of Change

A useful definition of change acknowledges that life itself is change; it is a river of constant change and interconnected activity.

In fact the the definition of life in the Oxford Dictionary is "a state of functional activity and continual change peculiar to organized matter."

If Life is Change,
What is a Good Definition of "Change?"

Change means to move from one state of being, or one place, or one circumstance to another. Change is the connecting action that allows or causes one thing replaces another, whether it is our shoes, our ideas, our job, or the weather. All of those definitions of change are verbs. They speak of activity.

But change is also a noun. Change is the transformation, the THING that happens when we move from one state of being to another. Change is what we end up with when the connection is made. Change is the result of the interconnectedness of events and relationships.

"Life is an amazing flow of interconnected events and relationships bringing friends and family together and apart in the cycle of pain and pleasure." The Buddist Law of Impermanence Go to How To Change My Life Move from Definition of Change to Home (Positive Changes Coach)

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